West Redding Preschool

                        West Redding Preschool  

        Welcome to West Redding Preschool!  We offer infant and toddler care, preschool, kindergarten readiness, and after school programs that provide the perfect foundation for learning and development.  Our curriculum prepares your child for kindergarten and beyond.

Our educational programs are designed to improve your child's cognition through literature, language art skills, vocabulary development, alphabet and phonic knowledge.  Math and Science engage a child's natural curiosity and innovation.  Through art and play your child develops their creativity, becomes confident, and learns problem solving.  They take on challenges, see situations from different perspectives, and make connections with one another.  These learning experiences are essential for a child's success.  

Our infant and toddler programs focus on key developmental milestones specific to infant and toddlers. Our preschool program curriculum is designed to focus on essential life skills through play and interaction.  Children are prepared for academic life and the future.  They learn self-regulation, critical thinking, how to take on challenges with self direction, and engaged learning.

Our teachers are nurturing, loving, qualified and experienced.  Many have been with us for 10+ years.  Our staff are educated in Early Childhood Education as well as CPR and First Aid certified.   

For more information:                            westreddingpreschool.com                                        Call us at (530)243-2225 ext 1                              Email us at westreddingpreschool@ymail.com      or find us on Facebook


  • "West Redding Preschool is just that, a SCHOOL. From the ages of 6 weeks until Kindergarten, my two oldest children (now ages 22 and 19) attended West Redding Preschool. I work..."
    Yvonne Harrison
    Mother of Two Exceptional Adults
  • "My daughter has been going to wrp now for 1 yr and is the best thing ever happened. the teachers/staff is awesome. all the kids are well behaved and lots of interaction with kid..."